A work in progress. The aim is to produce a sequel to Hidden Underground, Over the Top and Off the Rails containing the names of all 45 DLR stations and all 39 Tramlink stops, as listed here:

Full list of DLR stations and Tramlink stops (please do not edit this list)

All DLR stations and stops have now been used and the story is being continued using Manchester Metrolink stops. This is the full list:

Full list of Metrolink stops (please do not edit)

The page below lists the names of all stations/stops not so far used. If possible, please edit the page whenever you use a name.

List of Metrolink stops remaining

The page below is intended to contain a summary of the plot so far, and will be updated periodically:

Plot of DLR/Tramlink story

The story thread is currently in progress on the Tube Challenge Forum. You'll need a Tube Challenge Forum login to contribute, but you can watch its progress here.

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