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Hidden Underground begins as the story of Wes Tacton, an enterprising Londoner who goes on the run after stealing the birds from London Zoo.  Pursued by DI Warren Street of Scotland Yard, he and his friends embark on a strange adventure that takes them all over the country, until they seek help from the mysterious Don.  Meanwhile, Richard Bromley, a scout-leader in South London, receives a visit from John Collier, a stranger who turns out to have a remarkable talent. He ends up competing at the Eurovision Song Contest against Ken Sington, a car park attendant with an unusual singing ability, where events take an even stranger turn...

Detailed plot synopsis (contains spoilers)

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The story contains the names of all 270 London Underground stations, once each. (In the three cases where two stations share a name, the name appears twice.) No station name is contained within another station name; if there were two stations called "Dogsbury" and "South Dogsbury", they would occur separately. Other rules are given on the puzzle rules page. You are invited to find all 270 stations.

The puzzle
Puzzle rules

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In this version, all station names are highlighted in capital letters.

The solution

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Main characters
Wes Tacton, DI Warren Street, Colin Dale, Stan More, Roy Aloak, Richard Bromley, Ava Sudbury, John Collier, Sister Mary Le Bone, Don, Ken Sington, Walt Miller, Ed G. Ware

Minor characters (may be incomplete)
Parson Sal Green, The Spokesman, Patrick White, Mr Armstrong, Dennis (delivery man), Philip (boy scout), Ian (boy scout), George McCann, Charles Denton, Wayne (taxi driver), Pike (prisoner), Heinrich Vall, Demir Osman, PC Chalfont, PC Latimer, Ethel (waitress), Charles Colquhoun, Friar Stephen, PC Finchley, Dr Foster, Tony Tulse, Dudley Camden, Bob Rix, Margaret Harrow, Bridget Wealdstone, Totteridge and Whetstone, Professor C.R. Oxley, Ol Thompson

Unseen characters (may be incomplete)
Ned Ebden, R. Smith (butcher), Will Esden, Andi Slington, Mr Southru, Stepney Green, John Hollier

Real characters (may be incomplete)
Paul Miller, Queen Elizabeth II, Phil Tufnell, Ricky Hatton

Sequels and prequel Edit

Sequels: Over the Top, Off the Rails
Prequel: 1863 and All That

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A Story from the Tube - the original, unedited version

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Written on the Tube Challenge Forum, June 2012-October 2013
Originated by RobbieM
Original authors: RobbieM, tractakid, snudge27, palkanetoijala31, tubeguru, Soup Dragon, kateyay, greatkingrat, Steeevooo, scrxisi, The Raven, Starkey7, krollo, Going Underground, Urzzz1871, hopeful traveller, Rhys1995, DrainBrain, GuyBarry, The Orange One
Editors: RobbieM, hopeful traveller, GuyBarry

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