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The project[]

The Hidden Underground Wiki is the new home for the project that started as A Story from the Tube. In 2012 RobbieM, a member of the Tube Challenge Forum, started a thread where contributors were invited to put together a story containing cryptic references to London Underground stations and other Underground-related material. This evolved to become Hidden Underground, concealing the names of all 270 Underground stations within the text. Since then a number of sequels have been written based on station names on other rail networks both in London and elsewhere. It is hoped to expand the project to stations all over the country.

All stories are compiled in accordance with the puzzle rules. You're invited to solve the puzzle in each case and find all the stations, or of course you can just sit back and enjoy the story!

Completed stories[]

Major works[]

Hidden Underground - contains all 270 stations of the London Underground
An enterprising Londoner steals the birds from London Zoo and goes on the run.

Over the Top - contains all 112 stations of the London Overground
The theft of a dog leads to a dramatic chase.

Off the Rails - contains all 291 stations of the London National Rail network
The arrival of a new housekeeper brings intrigue to a scout leader's life.

Minor works[]

East Side Story - contains all 14 stations of TfL Rail
A former factory worker finds happiness in a new job.

It'll Be All Wight on the Night - contains all 8 stations of the Island Line
A dinner-party is almost ruined by a leak.

Take That, Dr Beeching! - contains all 10 stations of the new Borders Railway
A brother and sister arrange lunch after a swimming gala.

1863 and All That - contains all 7 stations of the original Metropolitan Railway
Prequel to Hidden Underground

Works in progress[]

A Story from DLR and Tramlink (untitled)


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