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It was a beautiful lamb SHANK. LINette had cooked it to perfection, and the guests began to arrive.  She'd provided some fine wines for them to sLAKE their thirst with.  The vegetarians were provided with pizza covered in ParmeSAN. DOWN the table was where you could find most of the dishes. Unknown to Linette and her husband Dee, though, a leak from upstairs was gradually aBRADING the dining room walls.

Linette was in the kitchen on the phone giving directions to a guest, completely unaware that the leak was growing. It was flowing across the dining room floor like a SMALL BROOK.

"JUNCTION five, turn left, then left again," she said. "We're the third house on the right."

"Thanks," said the guest, a Mrs pRYDE. "ST JOHN'S ROAD anywhere near you, is it?"

"Yes," Linette said, "just past the cemeteRY. DEE'S PLAN, A DEcidedly clever one, is to... oh no! Gotta dash; we're in trouble! Dee!" she shouted, "there's a load of water on the dining room floor! Call the plumber, quick!"

"OK," said Dee.

"Sorry," continued Linette, "what did you want for dessert, Mrs pRYDE? PIE?"

"R. HEAD, the plumber, will be round shortly," said Dee.

A disaster had been averted.

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