Matthew (surname unknown) is an employee and long time friend of Ed G. Ware.

1863 and All That Edit

Matthew's only named appearance is in 1863 and All That. He has a conversation with Ed about a chemical mishap in relation to Ted Dington - this culminates in the bringing in of Don to fix things, the firing of Ted and ultimately in the events of Hidden Underground.

Hidden Underground Edit

Matthew makes a brief appearance in Hidden Underground, where he poses as a spokesman and attempts to cover up the chemical spillage.

Relationships Edit

Ed G. Ware: Matthew is a long time friend of Ed G. Ware, as well as one of his employees. Matthew is also his most trusted advisor.

Ted Dington: Matthew knew Ted Dington through Ed's entrepreneurial organisation. Their relationship may not be as good as it once was, as it was Matthew who proposed firing Ted.

Don: Matthew knew Don quite well too - Don being one of his contacts. They worked together to cover up the chemical spillage.

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