This is a list of minor characters in Hidden Underground. It excludes those characters who have their own pages by virtue of appearing or being mentioned in other stories.

Patrick White is the chapel caretaker who provides refreshments at Wes Tacton's birdsong performances.
Mr Armstrong is the salesman at the extermination company that Richard Bromley hires to get rid of rats. Dennis is the delivery man at the same company.
Philip and Ian are two of the boy scouts in Richard Bromley's troop.
George McCann is Richard and Ava's local butcher.
Wayne is a taxi driver who takes Wes, Colin Dale and Stan More to Norwich.
Pike is an extremely dim prisoner who is imprisoned with Don.
Heinrich Vall is the German conductor at the Eurovision Song Contest, competing against Ken Sington and John Collier. Demir Osman is the leader of the Turkish group that wins the contest.
Ethel is the waitress at Ed G. Ware's favourite restaurant.
PC Finchley is one of the policemen who interrogate Wes Tacton and his acolytes, replacing PC Chalfont.
Dr Foster is an eccentric stranger who turns up at Ken Sington's car park and offers him Wembley tickets.
Professor C.R. Oxley is the stage-name of a performer on the bill with John Collier at the "Square World" comedy club, who gives spoof historical lectures. Ol Thompson is another performer on the same bill.

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