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In Off the Rails, scoutmaster Richard Bromley hires a new housekeeper, Alex, who transforms his life for a while until he receives a visit from DS Worth Roaden. Meanwhile, Tony and Dudley are in danger of losing their jobs at HG Transport after their boss discovers the mix-up with the vacuum cleaners. They bribe their colleague Bob to help them out, but they hadn't reckoned with Hillary and the rest of the bizarre Enham family...

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The story contains the names of 291 National Rail stations in and around London, mostly taken from the London Rail and Tube Services Map. Every station on the map served by a non-Transport for London service is included, plus a few stations that may be added to the map in future. In addition, the login names of the four authors have been included (see below).

The puzzle
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Main characters
Richard Bromley, Alex Coulsdon, Dudley Camden, Tony Tulse, Ken Ewing, DS Worth Roaden, Beck Enham, Thomas Enham, Hillary Enham, Bob Aherne, George West, Fred Monton-Green

Minor characters (may be incomplete)
Ted Dington, Harold Wood, Syd Enham, Ava Sudbury, Walt Miller, Don, R.T. Holt, R. Wood, Mr Elmstead, Di (barmaid), Paul Thornton, Dr Ayton, Crystal

Unseen characters

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Hidden Underground, Over the Top

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Written on the Tube Challenge Forum, July-August 2015
Originated by GuyBarry
Original authors: GuyBarry, The Orange One, Iain, RobbieM
Editor: GuyBarry

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