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In Over the Top, Bruce Grove and his father Theo embark on a frantic chase to recapture Bruce's lost dog, which has been kidnapped by animal terrorists Roy and Ken Aloak.  Meanwhile, incompetent delivery men Tony and Dudley have to deliver a vacuum cleaner to South Kensington, but things don't go quite as planned...

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The story contains the names of all 112 London Overground stations, exactly once each. No station name is contained within another station name.

The puzzle
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List of characters Edit

Main characters

Bruce Grove, Roy Aloak, Ken Aloak, Theobald Grove, Tony Tulse, Dudley Camden, Parson Sal Green, Fred Monton, Don, Charles Denton

Minor characters (may be incomplete)

Canon Bury, Harold Wood, Walt Hamstow, Syd Enham, Oscar Pender, DS Worth Roaden, DI Warren Street, Wes Tacton, Will Esden, George West, Friar Stephen, Ken Sington

See here for unseen characters.

Forerunner and sequel Edit

Sequel to Hidden Underground; precedes Off the Rails

Credits Edit

Written on the Tube Challenge Forum, June-July 2015
Originated by The Orange One
Authors: GuyBarry, The Orange One, greatkingrat, RobbieM
Edited by GuyBarry

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