In Hidden Underground, PC Chalfont is one of the police officers assigned by DI Warren Street to interrogate Wes Tacton, Colin Dale, Stan More and Roy Aloak after they are discovered posing as an Azerbaijani singing group at the Manchester Eurovision Song Contest. PC Chalfont initially works alongside PC Latimer, but is then called away to attend to a road accident and is replaced by PC Finchley.

In Over the Top, it is revealed that Wes Tacton married PC Chalfont after a short period in prison, apparently in an ill-fated attempt to escape parole. However it is suggested by Beck Enham in Off the Rails that Friars Chalfont and Latimer, who are coming to visit her, used to be police constables - presumably the same two that interrogated Wes. This leaves it unclear whether PC Chalfont is female or male, and what her/his current role is.

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