Richard Bromley is a boy scout leader living in South London, who is very hospitable but hates housework. 

In Hidden Underground, Richard and his housekeeper Ava Sudbury encourage John Collier to take part in a talent contest, which starts off John's career as a Woody Allen impersonator. When Richard and Ava take Walt on a walk in the country, Walt starts to get intimate with Ava and eventually takes her to America to marry her.

In Off the Rails, Richard meets Alex Coulsdon, who offers to become his new housekeeper. He accidentally spills some honey on the road and DS Worth Roaden comes to investigate. Richard invites Worth to dinner and the three of them go out for a drink in a country pub. As with Walt and Ava, Worth and Alex start getting romantic together and he once again finds himself without a housekeeper, until Crystal turns up.

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