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Craig spent a lot of time watching his sister Elsa in swimming GALAS. “HI ELSa”, he said, as she emerged from the changing room. “Well done for winning the 200m breaststroke!”

Elsa had come firST, OWing to her arch-rival being disqualified for a false start.  They headed out of the Leisure Centre, past the information dESK.

"BANKsy's new 'Dismaland' theme park opened last weekend" said Craig. "Fancy a visit sometime soon?"

"I'm afraid I've got to deal with some Japanese knoTWEED. BANKsy will have to wait a little while.
Besides which I don't like too much GORE. BRIDGE too far for me, I'm afraid."

"OK," said Craig, "as you wiSH. AW, FAIR enough - I never really wanted to go myself."

"Really?" said Elsa. "But you always like trying things which are NEW, CRAIG. HALLucinating about them, even. You do surprise me!"

"Well, I did try out that NEW TONG RANGE from the hardware shop the other day. Hardly very radical, though."

"Anyway, I'm hungry. Time for some gruB. RUN! STAN Edwards is joining us for lunch, remember. We'll be late if we don't put on some speed."

"Oh look, I've just seen the Duke of EDINBURGH. WAVE!"

R. LEYton, professional Duke of Edinburgh impersonator, waved back as they sped off to lunch...

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