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The story[]

Travelling Light is the two-part story of Jane Waddington, a dedicated member of the Women's Institute, who accompanies Beck Enham on a bizarre expedition to find road junctions in Essex. Things become increasingly fraught between the travelling companions, but a mysterious horseman saves the day...

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The puzzle and solution[]

Part 1 of the story contains the names of all 45 Docklands Light Railway stations and all 38 Tramlink stations - the whole of the light rail network in London.
Part 2 of the story contains the names of all 93 Manchester Metrolink stations (including one currently under construction).

Part 1 - the puzzle
Part 1 - the solution
Part 2 - the puzzle
Part 2 - the solution
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List of characters (to be completed)[]

Main characters
Jane Waddington,

Minor characters

Unseen characters


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